Jaeger-LeCoultre Showcase Dinner

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Daniel was invited to play at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Private Showcase cum dinner held at Paradise Pavillion. Daniel entertained the crowd with his renditions of classic jazz standards. Thanks again to Alethea for organizing the event.

Bosch 125 Years Anniversary Celebration Dinner

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The SoundGrove band was honored to be invited to be part of Bosch’s 125 Years Anniversary Celebration Dinner. The band played classic songs from yesteryears as well as current chart toppers. The guest also took part in games led by the band and it was great that everyone enjoyed and knew their music well. Thanks again to Eric for organizing the event!

Boys Brigade 80th Anniversary

The Soundgrove band was invited to perform at the Boys Brigade Singapore’s 80th Anniversary celebrations. A nationwide camp was held to commemorate the event and the band dished out many Christian songs as well as Top40s and RnB hits. This got the campers up on their feet and they really enjoyed the night. Thanks again to Grace for inviting the band to play.

Wedding at Goodwood Park Hotel

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Sixx @ Zoukout 2010

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Daniel, Aarika, Tim and Shaun were with Sixx on 11 Dec playing at Zoukout. It was an awesome venue and the crowd was high with energy. The band played an explosive set and got the crowd going wild. Truely an awesome experience!

Wedding at the Grand Hyatt

The SoundGrove Trio consisting Joy (Vocals), Daniel (Sax, Keyboards) and Caleb (Guitar) played for the wedding dinner of Benny and Christy, who had mainly close friends in attendance. Many of the couple’s friends came up to sing for the couple and the band had a great time accompanying them. This was the most fun the band had playing for a wedding and we wish the couple all the best!



Birthday Gig @ Spice

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Rocktoberfest @ Timbre

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Nike Run @ Marina Bay Floating Platform

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Green Carpet Edition @ Krish

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